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Our team specialises in customisation and extension of Gravity Forms: the most versatile forms plugin for WordPress. Anything custom, you're in the right place!

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Gravity Forms is the ideal solution for any form that requires something special

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Our clients are looking for us to be thorough in our process, to be consistent in quality work and deliver results quickly. That’s what we stand for.

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Even on a straightforward delivery based on your briefing, we’ll point out anything that seems relevant to increase the quality of your project.

10 Years Experience

Our team has engineers with as much as 10 years experience combined in custom Gravity Forms projects. With our Dutch team, we know exactly how to deliver on tough tech challenges.


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Customising Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms as a cornerstone solution in your online efforts

Ever since we were founded in 2011, we’ve included Gravity Forms as a standard part in almost every production that requires a dynamic and safe webform. The forms module has it all: it’s user-friendly for new users and very accessible to us developers. And also rich in out-of-the-box extensions, so we often need less time to setup what you’re looking for.

Any request that has some sort of challenge, is the favorite one with our team. We’ve built so many forms, our engineers just love extending this plugin.
Kevin Beeftink, Managing Director

Work examples

Gravity Forms cases


What customers say

What our agency is often hired for

We regularly deliver on these types of projects

We usually take up tasks within 1 to 3 working days, a project takes 30 to 60 days

Whether you need our solution-oriented helpdesk team, or want to submit an entire project to us, our team is ready for you.

The "Form with a Calculation" job​

We get these regularly. Just a form, but with some sort of calculation to be performed. Sometimes combined with a payment option. We prepare the form neatly in your (online) style, provide the correct email confirmations for the sender and admin and link it to the thank you page. And it's done!

The “Marketing Form” job​

Some customers are pretty advanced when it comes to digital marketing. That type of client might ask us to read URL parameters, return them to Google Analytics and measure conversions. Or to keep track of the source through which the vistor came in when they accessed to the site. And then send that in the internal e-mail confirmation. No problem, we'll get on it.

The “Collecting Payments” job​

A webshop can be pretty complex and extensive, but you may still want to allow for online payments. Think of donations or reservation, linked to an creditcard payment. We don't turn our backs on that either. We have extensive experience in linking the form to a payment service provider like Paypal or Stripe.

The “Integration” job​

We like this one the most. Often the integrations are a bit more complex, we need to develop a bit more custom work and get a good grip on the process behind it. For example, we take care of “creating leads from the submitted forms in a different package”, “create new contacts in an external CRM via an API” and “generate test licenses in a software package”. Great, let us know!

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