Funnel marketing

Stages in validating and scaling your proposition

We help our clients establish and grow their business consistently through great design, tech and automation. Through funnel marketing, we make that growth tangible and predictable for service providers and specialised retail. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we guide you through all the following steps.

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Your proposition and audience

Would you consider surgery from a GP over a surgeon? When marketing services, people prefer specialists over generalists.

Any business has the means to market one or more specialties to certain regions and audiences. If you had to make this specific, which expertise and audience would you choose?

Results come from a good proposition, quality in design and visual identity. Combined with elements like visual identity, branding and market research, we help businesses define their proposition through strategy sessions as the first and most important step. 

A good proposition covers these three aspects

The audience outline

A clear outline of your target audience, per service or product. For exmaple, you might consider "Families with an above modal income in region X", versus "All adults in the US".

The pain or concerns that you focus on

It's important to define what pain or concern you relieve with your offer. For example, saving people time / stress / effort, or offering superior quality / certainty / consistency.

The practical offer

The means you deliver on to provide customers with that relief. This is the service or product you provide your customers with.

Funnel Marketing

After defining the proposition, we’ll need to define the means to reach that audience and get them to consider your offer.

These are the inbound and/or outbound marketing efforts to connect with your audience. Existing demand from the market for example can be reached through Google, where establishing a new type of service requires outreach through visual media like Facebook and Instagram. 

Our team handles the research and platform setup for our clients, to validate the proposition and scale when successful. Any creative media will be covered by our studio when required.

Whether people are already looking for your services or not, this is what you'll need to reach your audience

Demand research on Google and Bing

How many people are looking for your services through search engines like Google and Bing each month? If there's existing demand, we can set a media budget for this audience.

Audience research on social media platforms

We research who and how many people on platforms like Facebook and Instagram match your audience profile. Assessing the volumes and opportunities within these platforms.

Campaign setup and ad creation

We setup your ad accounts, tracking and targeting. Our studio can handle the creation of all the advertising material. Through video, banners and copy we will reach out to the audience with branded and action driven messaging.

Media planning and reporting

After the initial validation, we help you grow on the most succesful campaigns we tested in the first stage. You'll want to make sure that your budget is spent adequately. We help define the metrics you need to get a grasp on this.

Results come from a good proposition, quality in design and visual identity
Combined with elements like visual identity, branding and in some cases market research, we help businesses define their proposition through strategy sessions. 

Funnel Build

Once we have the audience come in through the marketing efforts, we want to pitch them the right message to them.

We’ll want to direct them towards converting into a lead or new customer for your business. This can be done directly with impulse decisions, and through two or more steps if your service requires a longer decision span. 

Building your funnel requires 5 specific sets of skills, which we offer skillsets through our in-house team

Funnel Architecture

Our team will setup your funnel architecture for you. What to do when, that's the big question in marketing. Luckily, once we know what you're marketing to whom, we know which type of funnel you need.

Funnel Design

96% of people decide to consume a message based on desgin. We'll handle all graphics and media to deliver on impactful design. This will set your audience up to dive into your proposition and services.

Funnel Copywriting

Any copy will be handled by our team. We can already tell you that "Buy now!" is not your best first line. Through purpose driven copy, we'll make sure your audience understands your value and makes the right decision.

Funnel Lead and Deal Processors

We take take of the data when people convert into leads or customers. Processing it into an existing or new CRM-platform to make sure your commercial data is safe and secure.

I wanted to build an agency that doesn't talk big about complex marketing terms. We do the grunt work, we work hard to accomplish our clients' goals and celebrate our successes. It took a while to build, but I'm very proud of our team of specialists. And so are our clients.

Kevin Beeftink, To The Point Digital Productions

Funnel Automation

We can automate both sides. At the front we help people convert into customers through a system. Once converted, we help your new customers get on board at the backend and manage their expectations.

Frontend automation

The frontend automation involves automatic steps through forms, triggers and (e-mail) notifications to convince people to commit to your business. We handle automated email follow-ups, bookings in an online calendar, order forms, CRM integrations and platform connections for example. 

Backend automation

Through similar automatic steps, backend automation is meant to onboard and service your customers. We handle the onboarding messages, meetup scheduling, order processing and many other types of backend processes for you. 

Scaling your funnel

At this point, we've found a good combination of your proposition with marketing outreach. People convert and your system is helping you handle customer conversion and onboarding. Now let's scale your business.

All prior steps help you validate your proposition. Once validated, the system has become more predictable and we’ll help you scale up your efforts to increase revenues and margins. There’s never a straight line to your best outcome, but with the right proposition we know how to get you there through optimisation. 

Through the recurring effort of our team and systems, we’ll handle the optimisation of your marketing efforts to help you grow your business.

This is how we get you started

Share your goals with us, and we'll help you accomplish them

Discovery Call

We get to know you and your business. When you commit to some thorough questions about your business, we can help you accomplish your goals.

Get to work

Based on your input and budget, we get to work and draw up the proposal that suits your needs: your automated marketing machine.

Strategise and execute

Ready? Then let's launch! Based on proven strategies we help to market your proposition, validate your proposition and scale your business.

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